Panhandle Trip

Featuring the Gulf of Mexico



These are all from a trip I took during my October 2004 Fall Break (really, just a Friday off, but it is still a Friday off, eh?).  I decided to head to Mobile, AL, for the weekend to check out what Alabama had to offer.  However, because all the hotels and motels and cheap dumps were all filled with residents of the area due to Hurricane Ivan, I had no place to stay, so I decided to just head down the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State instead.  Actually, there were a few with open rooms, but they wouldn't take me because I was not 21.  How ridiculous!  I did find a Howard Johnson's at 3:30 a.m. in Panama City after 5 hours of searching (in 3 states!!) for a place to stay, by the way.  Many of the pictures were taken by Margot, my roadtrip compadre.  The above picture is somewhere east of Panama City looking out at the Gulf.


The ride up

The Gulf Coast

The ride back 

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