The Way Back

Until it was too dark


US 319 comes back for just a wee bit and then heads north to Tallahassee.  We'll stay on US 98. Eastbound US 98 goes through a forest or two.
A scene on East US 98. A bunch of US routes get together in Perry.  This is near the southern end of US 221 and the northern end of ALT US 27.  US 98 turns southward here.
The US routes of Perry. South on US 98 and US 19 and ALT US 27.
This is the actual end of US 221.  Still near Perry. The road is an expressway all the way to the Tampa area.
A blurry shot of FL 51 North in LaFayette County. A charming town called Fanning Springs.
When you turn left to go on FL 26, you immediately enter Gilchrist County.  US 19/98 almost enters but I don't think it actually does. That's all for the Panhandle Trip!  There were many more miles on the trip, but it was too dark to take pictures so that is indeed all.

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