The Gulf Coast


The view of the Gulf from the motel I stayed at was pretty cool. And here's the motel: Howard Johnson's.
A look west on US 98, which parallels the coast for most of its stay in Florida. More US 98 West.
Mel Martinez supporters (boooo!) in back of a US 98 shield. ALT 98 hugs the coast for a while before rejoining US 98 further east.  This is the western end.
ALT 98 is shown as scenic on my Rand McNally atlas, but really it is quite the opposite. Can't say I have anything to say about this one.
Most of the hotels on ALT 98 are deep in construction.  Hurricane Ivan definitely left its mark on Florida.  The Gulf literally comes up to the backs of the buildings on the right. This pic was taken from ALT 98.  Just a narrow strip of sand with a narrow strip of dune.  That's it.
Hotels galore.  The Americana seems like it has seen better days. Back on US 98 now, going over a large bridge.
Yuck.  Traffic on US 98 East. Wow!!!  Colored Florida US shields!!!  These are almost extinct but they were the norm back in the day.
Some random shields. More random shields.
Ooh!  Pretty blue car parked along US 98 as seen from the beach. This beach.
How cute, a ickle bitty crabby-poo!! Pretty beaches in these parts.
Beach. I guess it's too far east for Ivan to have done too much damage here.
The Gulf has just dispensed with the beaches and licks the edge of US 98. Scene along US 98 somewhere.
I wonder how much this road floods... Going through a bit of southern forest.  A break from the water.
Now on a loop road, which is both County Road and FL State Road 30. Continuing down "Route" 30 East.
In Apalachicola, still on US 98. Central Apalachicola.  I ate lunch at a great seafood restaurant just behind the camera.  Quick, cheap, and yummy.  I forget the name, though.
The long bridge headed out of Apalachicola... ...turns into a long causeway back across a large inlet...
...and at the end of the causeway, US 319 mysteriously appears. A little out of order here, this is the causeway before US 319 begins.
The Gulf is close to the road again. I turned around temporarily to catch the sun glinting off the water.  It looked better in person.
Icky beach.  It gets worse in subsequent pictures. Look at that beautiful...brown?...water.  Ick beach.
The panorama ick beach. A windsurfer in the ick water.
Birds on the ick beach. A dock off of US 98 in some town somewhere.
US 319 and US 98 split up for a few miles.  They come back together for a short time later on. A nice bridge heading into another small town. 

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