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This is the NB Florida's Turnpike in Palm Beach County.  In addition, this road is named the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. And this is the turnpike further north, without a jersey barrier.
NB turnpike nearing Orlando.  This is at the Beeline Expy. exit, which coincides with the junction for US 17, US 92, and US 441. Neat-o, we're at Sea World!

The first suggestion of Interstate 4 on the NB turnpike.  The next exit is in 10 miles, as the BGS gladly displays. The actual exit for I-4.  Stinkin trucks, getting in the way of the exit ramp!  Oh well, you at least get the signs.
10 miles after the above picture, here we are at FL 50 to Ocoee.  I like that name, Ocoee.  Come to think of it, Apopka ain't too bad, either. A look at the FL 429 exit for Apopka.  It splits up ahead to the East- and West-bound ramps.  I think you can see (a little bit) the exit for FL 50 to the left of the FL 429 ramps.
The turnpike and FL 429 and FL 50 apparently have a stack interchange.  I'm not familiar with it, so I won't make up any information about it.  Holy nuggets!!  It's Florida's hill!  I thought it was just a rumor, but here it is!  On the turnpike north of Orlando!!
And the end of the line for Florida's Turnpike.  This is at its intersection with I-75, which you can see coming in from the left (notice the white Lexus). This is on I-75 NB, if you can't tell, at FL 44.  Route 44 is marked "Scenic" on my Rand McNally atlas.  Maybe I should try the road and see if the designation is warranted.
University of Florida!!  Booo!  Booooo!!  In Gainesville. Why does this BGS have that random arrow?!  It is 2 miles from the interchange!  Weirdness on I-75 North.
The interchange between I-75 and I-10 near Lake City. Which way am I gonna go?  Oh no!
This marks a momentous occasion: my first time on I-10.  Ever. A little blurry and buggy, but you get the idea.  Finally, I've made it to Florida's Panhandle!
Exit for US 129 on I-10 westbound. Sure are a lot of trees in this part of the state.
It's pretty buggy out there, as you can see as we pass US 221.  Crossing US 19...
I took this because I like the number 59.  Like my first road: IL 59.  Sue me. In Tallahassee, trees still line I-10, so I couldn't see any actual city.  But I did see a gold building west of this interchange with US 319 and FL 61.
The I-10 exit for US 27 is the exit for the Florida State Capitol. I got off at FL 12 to pick up a few extra counties, but got a nice road out of the detour.  This is FL 12 westbound. 
This is Gadsden County Road 274 on FL 12 West. FL 12 shield.
WB FL 12 in Liberty County. Another FL 12 WB scene.
FL 20 shield in Bristol, at the end of FL 12 WB. This is what Bristol looks like.
This is a rather cool bridge over the Apalachicola River between Bristol and Blountstown on FL 20 West.  This side is the old bridge and the other side is the new construction. Another look at the bridge.
Downtown Blountstown on FL 20 West. We meet FL 71 in Blountstown, take it to FL 69 (just north of this intersection), and then get back to I-10 WB.
This is FL 69 north of Blountstown. And these are the cotton fields that exist in these parts.
Still on FL 69 North, almost to I-10. I-10 WB almost at US 231 in the western Panhandle. 
US 331. And I stopped in De Funiak Springs for a meal at Sonic-- America's Drive-in!  It was too dark to take any more pictures after this one.

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