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Right at the DuPage-Kane County line on Roosevelt Road, there are some railroad tracks and a light at Kautz Road.  The light is relatively new, about 5 years old I would guess. Now in Kane County continuing on IL 38 WB.  The Roosevelt Road designation ends about 1 mile ahead at Kirk Road in Geneva.
Okay, skip around back into DuPage County, and here we are in southern Warrenville.  The intersection of IL 56 and IL 59. Butterfield Road (IL 56) becomes a divided road from just east to just west of Route 59.
Continuing westbound on IL 56, you can see that there is a right-of-way wide enough for widening.  This is under the Elgin, Joliet, and Eastern railroad again. Like Roosevelt Road, Butterfield Road also goes up to 55 m.p.h. west of IL 59.
Eola Road north of Route 56 has been closed to traffic through Fermilab.  It is really cool to bike down the Fermilab roads, because they are just like they were in the 1960s, when Fermilab was created. This is modern-day southbound Eola Road.  Effectively, the north end of Eola Road is at IL 56.  This is technically the city of Aurora.
Some curves and trees. Oh, boy!!  We're approaching the new part of Ferry Road!!!  For more information as to why this is special to me, see my Ferry Road page.
To the left is Ferry Road, and to the right is Bilter Road. Last time I was here, the 4-lane section ended where the curve to the left is now.  There was a giant pile of dirt where the new road is now.
Wheee!!!  Over the railroad tracks, which the old road crossed just to the north.  That alignment has since been abandoned. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of commercial development here the next time I stop by.
The old road used to curve around to the left where these weeds are.  I guess the construction crews forgot to take out this sign.  Ahhh, a relic of the past. The old alignment, which has now been grown over with weeds.  I called it!!  See my page on Ferry Road, where I said this old road would be overgrown.
I used to drive over this grass, when it was pavement.  By the way, this is looking back west. Back eastbound on the new Ferry Road.
Heading back into Warrenville. Going under the Prairie Path, approaching IL 59.
When it was connected to Warrenville Road in Naperville about 10 years ago, CR 3 was extended along Ferry Road to Route 59.  Now it has been extended to Eola Road. East of IL 59.
Going over the West Branch of the DuPage River, entering the development of Cantera. This stoplight is for the business-people at the commercial developments.
Now just north of Ferry Road on Winfield Road. This is what northbound Winfield Road looks like north of Butterfield Rd.
Approaching Mack Road. This is Purnell Road, a really pretty drive for about 1.5 miles.  It goes through my old neighborhood.
Take the next left to get to my old house. The very first road sign photograph I ever took was of this sign.  The original is not on this web site, but here is a tribute to it.  The road I used to live on.

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