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Now this, children, is what we call County Farm Road.  We're looking north in Winfield here, about a mile south of Geneva Road. See?  Geneva Road.  County Farm is DuPage CR 43.
This is St. Charles Rd. EB near County Farm Rd. At Pleasant Hill Rd, there is a stop sign.  And what Illinois calls "rough grooved surface."  When I was a kid, this was my favorite kind of road construction because driving over it made a fun noise.
Okay, so here's how it works.  EB St. Charles road (CR 7) hits Gary Avenue (CR 23) and turns south on Gary for a block.  Then St. Charles Rd. goes off to the left.  You can see the sign for St. Charles Rd. on the right side of the picture.  This is the only instance of county roads on one strip of pavement that I know of in DuPage County. Back to good ole CR 7.
Still EB on St. Charles Rd. One, two, skip a few, here's Winfield Rd. SB at Warrenville Rd.
Proof that Winfield Rd. is CR 13. What Winfield Rd. looks like through the Cantera development.  This all used to be a quarry (like more than 15 years ago) and I remember what it looked like way back then!!!
Eh, it's blurry, but you see what the interchange with I-88 looks like. An I-Pass only lane on the on-ramp.
Entering the Reagan Mem. Tollway, with what looks to be a brand-spankin' new I-88 shield. Ooh, look at all the new lanes!  It used to be 6 lanes with a really rough old pavement they called "the washboard."
New (to me) signage for IL 59 in Naperville. See, after construction, Route 59 gets 2 exit lanes.
But I-88 goes back to 6 lanes.  I remember a long time ago, going under this bridge when I-88 was a rural interstate with only 4 lanes and a wide grassy median and 65 m.p.h. Take this exit to Fermilab.
These signs still refer to I-88 as the E-W Tollway.  Farnsworth Ave. BGSs on I-88 have white boxes around the directions.
By the time I-88 crosses IL 31 in Aurora, the tollway goes down to a 4-lane road. This section of road used to be 65 m.p.h.  I tried going 55 once and it was the hardest thing I've ever done.
Just about 2 hours to Iowa. IL 56 follows the I-88 from IL 31 to here, where it breaks off on an old alignment of the tollway for about 3 miles.  Then it ends at IL 47 and US 30.
This is what the rural part of the Reagan Tollway looks like. Now we're on the south side of DeKalb (where Northern Illinois University is) and at Annie Glidden Road's southern end at I-88.  The northern end of Glidden Rd. is up near Wisconsin, if I remember correctly.
Trucks have to go slower than cars on I-88.  Looking EB. Back in civilization, you can see the Naperville Rd. exit is closed for reconstruction.
More 8-lane action!  I hope that I-355 BGS is temporary, because it is really small and hard to see.  Also, Winfield Rd. is the detour for Naperville Rd. Cooooooool.
Back into the construction zone nearing Naperville Rd. Now east of Naperville Rd. where construction is in progress to widen this part of I-88 to 8-lanes.
A new variable message sign gives travel times. BGSs for I-355.  This is where I-88 crosses over IL 53, which does not get an exit EB but does WB.

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