September Visit

Jeez, I took this many pictures?!


Recognize this picture from anywhere on this site?  Try here, second pic down on the left. I-88 EB approaching Highland Avenue in Downer's Grove.
Yeah, okay, so I have a bunch of repeat pictures on this part of the trip.  But that's okay, because they are still cool.  This is I-88 where it hooks up with I-355, even though they're on separate roadways. At the Highland Ave. exit, where a new BGS is covered up now, but will soon warn motorists of the impending toll plaza.
This new toll plaza is being built between Highland Ave. and Meyers Rd.  It is replacing the eastbound tolls at York Rd. to make room for open-road-tolling (non-stop toll plazas) at the original York Rd. plaza. This plaza is probably open already.  So this is a historical photograph I guess.
A temporary BGS explaining that the lanes split for construction near York Rd. Pay Toll 1 Mile.  This is at IL 83.
The last vestiges of pastel toll signage, along with a mileage sign to the interstates that make up the Hillside Strangler.  A long time ago, there was a variable message sign above the pastel gantry that had rhymes like "Stay alert-- don't get hurt" and "Stay alive-- drive 55" and other such phrases. Getting into the plaza.
After the tolls, we're getting into the massive interchange where I-88 ends.  The exit for SB I-294 is just to the right, and the NB exit is in a mile. This is on the exit to SB I-294.  You use it to get from I-88 East to York Rd.
A South I-294 shield on the exit.  It is a very freeway-like exit, so I guess they just posted the shield cause they felt like it was a part of I-294. JCT IL 38 on York Rd. northbound.
IL 38 is a full-fledged freeway in these parts (it's only two miles long) but it is still called Roosevelt Rd. like it is everywhere in DuPage and Cook Counties. This is the best shot I could get of the Roosevelt Rd. freeway.
York Rd. northbound getting into Elmhurst. At IL 56, Butterfield Rd.
West IL 56 shield. WB IL 56 at the interchange with IL 38 (still a freeway here) and IL 83 (a monstrous highway that is like a freeway with stoplights).
To get to IL 83 from IL 56, you have to use the IL 38 freeway for a second. This is the tallest building in Illinois outside the city of Chicago.
IL 83 SB. IL 83 SB at 22nd Street in Oakbrook.  A long time ago, 22nd Street was called IL 55.
22nd Street headed east. Getting on I-88 West to Aurora, DeKalb, and Iowa.
A shining example of the tollway's entrance-exit ramp tollbooths. I-88 WB at the I-355 exits.  These exits aren't as spread out as they are going east.
Oooh, look at the flyover! Going SB on I-355.  I-88 WB is just to the left, opposite the second jersey barrier.
Preparing to go under I-88 on I-355 SB. You can go onto US 34 here.  If you go west on it far enough, you'll end up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.
Just in case you forgot you were on a toll road, this shield will remind you of it. SB I-355 in Woodridge, I think.
Coming up on the toll plaza on the Will-DuPage county line on SB I-355. Going through the open-road-tolling lanes, with the uber-expensive blue signs that proclaim the greatness of Gov. Rod Blagojevich.  Currently, I-355 ends one mile ahead at I-55, but by the end of 2007, it will be extended more or less 15 miles to I-80 near Joliet.

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