September Visit

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This is the view immediately south of the (currently) final toll plaza on I-355 SB. This sign is destined for the scrap heap, as you might be able to tell with all the construction around.  I-55 is just ahead.
I hate when the road authorities put reassurance shields on roads that don't deserve them.  This is not I-55 NB, it is still on I-355 SB, albeit on the ramp. This shield is faded and green-looking.  But it used to be brown, designating an historic route.  That route would be US 66.  This pic is on I-55 NB just north of I-355.
This is what I-55 NB looks like. I-55 NB (Stevenson Expy) at Lemont Road.
Lemont Road is DuPage CR 9.  If you look super super close at the lower right corner of the blue pentagon shield, you'll see that DuPage DOT installed it in 2004. The view of Lemont Road as it crosses the Des Plaines River.
End DuPage CR 9.  Welcome to Will County! This seems like a pretty makeshift BGS.  But I guess it is just for Lemont Road and not an interstate.
The name for Lemont Road in the town of Lemont is State Street. And here it crosses IL 171, Archer Avenue.  Archer Ave. heads northeast all the way into downtown Chicago.
But we're heading in the opposite direction, toward Joliet. This is where I-355 will soon cross over Archer Ave.
Just an IL 171 scene. Now we're in Lockport, just north of Joliet, at IL 7.
IL 7 EB in downtown Lockport. Okay, so it says North, but IL 7 generally goes SW to NE and in these parts it is due E-W.

Congratulations, you've finally finished my Chicago trip from way back in Sept. 2006!

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