September Visit

Hey, you can go home again!  But it's... AWKwarrrrd.


So I have no life of my own and have decided to follow Dave Matthews Band around the nation.  Actually, my roadtrip compadre Margot invited me to come to a concert on 9/15/06 and her birthday up North, and I took her up on the offer.  It was weird being back here, but also kinda fun to see everything and the changes that have been made around the area.  So here is the result of my gallivanting.  Enjoy!


Alright, so we're gonna start here.  This is NB IL 59 at Glacier Park Ave. in Naperville/Aurora.  Basically Route 59 straddles the boundary between the two cities, which are among the largest in Illinois. At North Aurora Road.  North Aurora Road does not go to North Aurora, although plans are to extend it westward into Indian Trail Rd. in Aurora.  But that's insignificant in the wide range of things on this web page.
Look at all the blasted traffic on Route 59 NB. At Diehl Road, which is just south of the I-88 interchange.
At I-88 on NB IL 59.  This interchange is being reconstructed sort of, so it probably won't look like I remember it in a year or so.  Or maybe even now. The townhomes are new since 2004, but that shield's still there!
Okay, so normally I don't include EVERY SINGLE picture I take, especially boring ones like this one, but it just brings back so many good road memories.  Plus, Route 59 is my favorite road, as it is the road I basically grew up on. Between Ferry Road and Butterfield Road.
Butterfield Road is IL 56. This is at the Summerlakes subdivision, where I lived in my first and second years.  My old Dairy Queen is on the right.
That Family Foods... *sniff*... Approaching Mack Road.
Route 59 curves rather sharply ahead, just where Joliet Street starts.  Way back in the 1930s, Joliet Street was a part of the road that is now IL 59.  It ran from West Chicago to Plainfield and was called "West Chicago-Joliet Road."  I think.  I don't have my 1932 map with me at college.  Correct me if I'm wrong. This is the south end of Joliet Street, which has a 40 m.p.h. limit until Roosevelt Rd.
Now we're near the north end of Joliet Street, with a 25 m.p.h. neighborhood limit. This is Ann Street (facing west) along West Chicago Community High School.  I'm an alum, of course.
This four-way stop is new, and probably very helpful for school days.  It was nearly impossible to make a left off of Wood Street onto Ann Street at 3:15 to 3:45 when school let out. This is Main Street West Chicago.  The picture is not really representative of the street as a whole, but this is what Main St. looks like near Route 59.
Route 59 through part of West Chicago is 35 m.p.h.  It is called Neltnor Blvd. throughout the city.  The new Methodist Church is almost done.  Last time I was here, there was a lot of gravel.  Since the photo was taken, the 1st UMC of West Chicago has moved in. 
Back to 45 m.p.h. north of Washington Street. A stoplight at James Avenue exists, but I really don't know why.
This is Washington Street WB in downtown West Chicago.  It looks pretty barren, but this part of downtown is kinda quieter than on Main Street, of which I failed to get a decent shot. This is the shot I got of Main Street downtown.
This is SB Wood Street, which ends at Washington Street northbound and goes by the high school past Ann Street (remember that 4-way stop?). Now we're on the south end of town on Roosevelt Rd, or IL 38, westbound.  The bowling alley is on the right just ahead.
It goes under the Elgin, Joliet, and Eastern railroad tracks. This is where the 55 m.p.h. section used to begin on this divided portion of Route 38, but shamefully, IDOT has extended the 45 zone about 1/2 mile.
Ah, that's better. That's the same Washington Street we were on before.  Just on the very western fringes of town.  It continues to the left as Fabyan Parkway.  I learned recently that Fabyan was built to appease residents of Batavia in the 1960s, when Fermilab (just south of this photo) told them Wilson Street, Batavia's old main route to the east, would be closed to traffic.

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