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Day Two


Asheville, NC to Kingsport, TN:

It seems we are too early to be on I-26 quite yet.  Maybe if we wait some more, it will be an interstate. Thanks to the genius of P.E. John Landsford, we have a nice interstate in western North Carolina.
I may be hopelessly wrong here, but I think all traffic used to exit here while the new road was under construction. Only 40 miles 'til Johnson City, TN.
A pretty good snap of I-26 in mountainous North Carolina. There's even a rest area with a scenic overlook, which I climbed up.  It's a pretty steep incline on that ramp to the right!
Looking south (East I-26), we see a runaway truck ramp overhead. A more panoramic look to the south from the scenic lookout.
A neat rock cut on I-26, looking north now. That cut is where I-26 passes.  Looking north again.
Another pretty good snap of the new I-26.  Playing with cameras is fun! More brand-new I-26 photos.
I think this is the cut we saw three pictures ago. More neat road scenes.
How dare someone deface this Bucker Gap sign.  Now I can barely make out that we are 3,370 feet above sea level! Starting to get foggier out.
If you're a roadgeek, you've most likely seen this picture on other sites.  The only difference here is that I took it. Gasp!  We've entered the Twilight Zone.  And by that I mean Tennessee.
Almost to the big curves and hills on Tennessee's I-26. Here we go!
This is one of the curviest interstates I've been on.  Speed Limit 50 throughout the curves. And the obligatory runaway truck ramp.
Gosh, I don't know what I'd do if James H. Quillen didn't have his parkway! Not only are the curves numerous here, they're freakin' sharp!
Another I-26 scene. Oooh, look at the cool fog coming off the mountain!
Just south of Johnson City, the road flattens out and eventually gets back up to 70 mph. A semi-urban area in Far-eastern Tennessee.
It started raining like a mother right after this photo.  Like a mother.  But here's US 11E... I-26 ends here and I-181 begins here.  This is at I-81.  And I was lucky to even get this pic.  It started raining harder than a mother north of I-81.
...and here's US 11W.  This is like 2 miles south of the Virginia line, when I stopped for gas and a county.  

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