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Day Two


Kingsport, TN to Portsmouth, OH:

A whole bunch of US route shields just north of the TN-VA border on US 23. US 23 North in Virginia.
Business US 23 and Business US 58 shields. There's another US 58 shield to the right.  It seems like you'll never be able to shake that route as you go further north in the state.
US 23 gets a bit more freeway-like for a few miles here and there. Welcome to Kentucky!
Kentucky US 23. US 23 in Kentucky is the Country Music Highway, and there is an artist's name in the sign, too.  A different artist for each sign.
South of Pikeville. KY 805.
Most of US 23 in this state is 5 lanes.  Little traffic, too. That's a pretty big rock cut there.
US 23, US 119, US 460, and KY 80, which traverses the state. The start of the multiplex.
Flyovers at Pikeville. US 119 leaves us here, north of Pikeville.
US 23 rounds a series of curves to the left just like this one, and they all have the jersey barrier, as shown in this pic.  At first, I thought I was having the condition where you experience things over and over again, but is impossible to spell. See your local Ford-Honda dealer today!
Another freeway section of US 23 NB. Holy nuggets!  The sun is out!
Paintsville is in 13 miles. A brief detour on KY 3 to get a county.
We're two-laning it for a few miles. Whooosh! goes the pretty blue car around this curve on KY 3.
At KY 321. Soon enough, KY 3 bulks up to 5 lanes.
At KY 1884.  KY 3 ends at KY 645 begins near Inez. Luckily this detour comes right back to US 23.
I am sort of uncomfortable around power plants, nuclear or not.  So this was a great ride. Huge freakin' pile of coal.  This picture shows, like, 20% of the entire pile.
US 23 North at I-64. US 60 at Ashland.
A scene on US 23 NB in the Ashland area. Some shields in Ashland.
Ooh, a building! To US 52 via US 60.
Not named for AARoads, though it should be. US 23 goes through some bluffy country in northern Kentucky.  Portsmouth, OH, is in just a couple more miles.

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