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Day Two


Spartanburg, SC to Asheville, NC:

I-85 SB coming up on BL 85, which is the old I-85.  It's a pretty substandard freeway by today's standards. Approaching US 176.  This road leads directly to I-585, which was ruthlessly abandoned by I-85 when it selfishly relocated to a roomier area.
Here we are back at I-26. West I-26.
West I-26 again. Them mountains over yonder are in North Carolina.
And now we are, too. An I-26 scene in NC.
US 74 joins the interstate here near Columbus (teeny tiny town). The Appalachians loom over I-26 south of Asheville.
There are some curves, too, and just a little bit of traffic. Signs at a quick breakfast stop near Hendersonville.
An I-26 shield after breakfast. Na na na na Bat Cave!
We've made it to the old western terminus of I-26 in Asheville.  But it now continues north (west) to Kingsport, TN. The split.
I-240 is only signed here, not I-26.  Billy Graham Freeway... yikes. I-240 and I-26.
Big shield, little shield.  Sorry for the blur. US 19 and US 23 are in 1 mile.  We'll stay with US 23 all the way to Circleville, OH, from here.
Future I-26.  I guess I'm not really on the road I thought I was on.  Bunch of roads, exits, and curves on the interstate in Asheville.
Oh yeah, I-26 is here, too. I-26 shields are painted in the left lane here, for the left exit I-26 takes.  Despite this, I still missed the exit. 
And here's where I ended up. Good, now we're back on track!
I-26 is not signed here, although every other route through Asheville is. Pretty wildflowers.

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