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The old US 1 bridge is to the left, and is now basically used as a fishing pier and pedestrian walkway. The rise in the bridge is off in the distance.
There's the old bridge. This ain't called Seven-Mile Bridge for nothin!  See they took out a section of the old bridge, making it inaccessible to cars.
Kersplash! That old bridge looks pretty unsafe.
A little bit of 4-lane action. That old bridge off to the left of current US 1 was used for automobile and rail traffic.
Day and Nite speed limits for the following reason.... ....Key Deer don't like to be hit by speeding motorists.
The yellow dashed lines can still be seen in the center of the old roadway. Lots of places like this on the little keys.
Bite-sized keys! Mangroves!!
We must be getting close to Key West by now! Still South US 1.
Now in Key West, we come to the southernmost segment of FL A1A. US 1 turns right and A1A begins to the left.
This is the fast-food, car dealership, and motel strip of Key West. Red Light!
US 1 passes by a harbor. US 1 cuts down to 2-lanes in the Historic District of Key West.
Still SB US 1.  This is Truman Av. South US 1 turns to the north on Whitehead Street.
You can see the southern end of US 1 just ahead at Fleming St. Mile 0.  End US 1.
The opposite side-- the southern beginning of US 1.  See the small, green "Begin" banner at the top?  There was an "End" banner on the sign in the previous picture when we got to Key West, but it had disappeared by the next day. NB US 1, which is actually going south at this point.
North US 1. Now NB US 1 turns to the north on Truman Av.
Pretty good picture of US 1 NB just before Duval St. NB US 1 at Duval St.  Duval St. is the main street of Key West.  Just look at all the people!
Apparently this is the Southernmost House. The Southernmost Point.
These fake people around the Southernmost Point are ridiculously stupid.  Tiles on the sidewalk next to the Point celebrate One Human Family.  Whatever that means...

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