Key West Trip

Part Two


There were a bunch of bikers the whole way down to Key West.  Apparently they biked from Miami to Mile Zero in Key West. It's all water under the bridge.
A good view of Card Sound Road as it enters the Keys.  We're essentially heading east. The water comes pretty close to the road.  And we're pretty much at sea level here, too.
The road is also CR 905, and it turns right to head back south. Ocean Reef is a private club, accessible through some historic/old roads.  Check AARoads for that.  But I went directly for Key West.
The road used to continue for a short time as a state road, but it has been deleted from the maps-- and from the environment itself. Nuther biker on CR 905 SB.
More bikers!!!  Nearing the end of Card Sound Rd. Eventually we come to the end of the road and back to US 1.
I took this picture because I haven't seen a 76 station in forever! The stoplight at US 1 and Card Sound Rd.  The peeps in front of us waved to every biker along the way.
Starting out on US 1... again It is 4-lanes throughout Key Largo.
Apparently there is a coral reef here. Getting more urban as we get into Key Largo the town.
At Mile 99, we have 95 miles to Key West. The median gets wide and business spring up between the NB and SB lanes.
A South US 1 shield. Be prepared to stop around the curve.
I believe this is near Islamorada. A 2-lane US 1 is very weird for me.  I'm used to either a 6-lane urban arterial or a 4-lane rural expressway.
This drawbridge caused a big backup.  All part of the fun! See what I mean about the traffic?
Starting to get pretty around here! Down to 77 miles!
You could probably walk right across this part of the bay. Just in case you forgot you were on US 1.
The water is so much more vibrant in real life.  Whew, it was pretty! Coming onto another key.
This was a long bridge! Marathon is the halfway point in the keys.
Slight bend in the road. This part of Marathon looks like any Florida town.

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