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Hey, they have trolleys here just like in St. Augustine!!  Hmmm... actually, Key West is St. Auggie on steroids. Before I got there, I was unaware that city streets came right up to the Point.
There's a naval air station next to the Southernmost Point. I guess we know how these people will be voting in '08.
Here is Key West's lighthouse. Here it is again.
US 1 is Whitehead Street.  The Hog's Breath Saloon is quite popular.  And you can tell Key West really is St. Auggie on steroids because it  has a Ripley's Believe it or Not, also!
I usually don't post personal pictures, but how could I leave out me hugging the Sponge Monster?  It's made of real sea sponges from the reefs of Key West. The Southern Cross Hotel is good, but expensive.  This is from the front entrance on Duval St.
Modern updates to old architecture. Just a side street.
More Duval St. Gah!  FHP is all the way down here, too?!
Remember all those bikers on Card Sound Rd.?  Well, here they are in a parade celebrating the end of their journey! Shops along Duval St.
Watching the sun set at the public square on the north side of Key West. Street performers entertain you until the sun sets.
I guess you can take a boat ride to see the sun set. This is how many people come out to see the sunset.
More scenes from streets in Key West. About a mile and a half from Duval Street is this beach area (which was closed due to bacteria levels when we went).  But this happens to be the southern end of FL A1A.
Heading sorta easterly.  But also sorta northerly. But there's lots of resurfacing construction.
It goes right up to the water. Curving around to the north.
Say goodbye to the water for now. Getting back into the thick of things.
Coming up to Monroe CR-5A, which is... ...Flagler Ave.
Proof of FL A1A's existence, seeing as there are no NB reassurance shields. Looking south at Flagler Ave., which is a divided road.
The only A1A shield in Key West. The intersection with US 1.
Back on US 1, we see there are only 154 miles to Miami.  Only.  Bye-bye Key West! A better pic of the Key Deer warnings way up in the Keys.
That's an old US 1 bridge. I think that's pretty neat!
An interesting Key. An interesting view.
US 1 NB at Card Sound Rd. again. You can see that there's lots of construction to widen and elevate US 1 throughout the southernmost part of Dade County and northernmost part of Monroe.
It's an impressive project. US 1 NB goes back to being a rural 2-laner for a few miles before Florida City.
And just like that, we're back in Florida City at the Turnpike's southern beginning! Begin sign for the Turnpike.

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