The Mother Road

Historic US 66 in Illinois



In March of 2003, I took an excursion from Chicago to St. Louis on the old Mother Road.  It took 20 hours, I stopped by to at least see most of the historic sites, and had a really fun time.  Anyone living in Illinois should take this trip.  Eat at the Arista Cafe in Litchfield and always keep on the lookout for old alignments of the road, especially near Springfield and just south of the capital.  I wanna go back and do it again, but more in-depthly.  I had no time to adequately explore on this trip, as I was 17 and Mommy wanted me home by a certain time.  Click on the links below to see Route 66 in stretches.  Many pictures were taken by my roadtrip compadre Margot.  The above picture is on WB Adams Blvd. at Michigan Ave. in the Loop (downtown Chicago).





Springfield-Chain of Rocks  

Scans of Historic US 66