Route 66 in Illinois


Bloomington/Normal to Springfield:

Route 66 follows US 136 westward for a 1/4 mile or so before heading back south.  Those signs in the background are the ridiculous organization GunsSaveLife's advertisements that have popped up all over Illinois. Which way to sweet, delicious goo?  Turn left for Funk's Grove!  They spell sirup with an "i" because that's the way Webster had it originally.  Or something like that.
BL I-55 turns left, but the Mother Road continues straight ahead north of Lincoln.  This is the start of the Lincoln bypass. This is what the old road looks like as it bypasses the city of Lincoln.  It is a 55 mph speed limit and very little traffic, obviously, as I-55 bypasses Lincoln as well.
Then, it looks a little bit like a freeway, still on the Lincoln bypass. And then we flatten out a bit as we head to the south.
And then we cross IL 10 and IL 121, which go to I-55 if you turn right. See?
There isn't a whole lot except fast food stuff on this stretch of IL 10/ IL 121. This is the abandoned Route 66 in Williamsville.  When I went through the town in March 2003, I thought there wasn't much there.  But I recently got an e-mail from a resident who says the town is actually "alive and growing" at 1,100 in population.  The town itself is behind the camera and to the left, a part I didn't explore on my trip.  The interstate is just past those buildings, which were gas stations about 50-60 years ago.
At Sherman, Route 66 crosses IL 124, which is quite short, and heads west a few miles to IL 29 north of Springfield. And IL 4 begins at IL 29 in Springfield, by Route 66.  This is called the Veterans Parkway.

There will be more pictures of noteworthy sites later on, but they are 35mm prints and I need to get home to scan them.  Patience!

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