Route 66 in Illinois


Springfield to Chain-of-Rocks:

Route 66 follows IL 4 southward to just outside the St. Louis area.  This pic is just south of Springfield near Auburn. At Carlinville, IL 4 connects with IL 108 shortly.  Carlinville has a  courthouse and a nice-looking downtown.
An old alignment of Route 66 splits off of IL 4 south of Carlinville. Still on the old road.
At IL 138. This sign directs you to the business district of Benld.  US 66 continues straight, though.
Historic 66 leaves IL 4 and turns onto IL 157, which parallels I-55 very closely for a few miles. Meramec Caverns is still popular today, as evidenced by the gigantic billboards all over I-55 in Illinois and I-44 in Missouri.  You can see how close the road (IL 157 and Old 66) is to I-55.
Route 66 follows IL 157 past IL 140 in Hamel. Hang a right in Edwardsville.
I cut off this 66 shield in Edwardsvile. Now on Chain of Rocks Rd., at IL 111.  This section of Old 66 is not a state highway.
We have to go on I-270 for just a quick trip as we cross IL 203.


I have 35 mm pics as well, but I need to first locate them, and then scan them before you can see them.  Those pics are more of the landmarks and not the highway signs.  Sorry about the delay.

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