Out West Roadtrip

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US 191 South will get you to Moab. Colorado has pretty distinctive welcome signs.
I-70 through western Colorado is pretty scenic. Mmmm, nice.
At CO 340. There are some pretty cool cliffs near Grand Junction.
Gas stop in Grand Junction! Hey, that I-70 shield has the state name in it!
Sorry, but that is just cool! Now we're starting to get into the real mountains.
That's the Colorado River there, that hugs I-70 through these parts.  Weird to think that this is the same river that cuts through the Grand Canyon! A dam in the river next to the interstate.
A tunnel! More mountains!
The terrain flattens out for a bit, but not for long. It got too dark to take pictures after that, so here is the first picture of the new day in Denver.  I-76 EB is about to begin.
And here I-76 splits from I-70.  Nebraska here we come! I-76 EB between I-70 and I-25.
The interchange between I-76 and I-25. I-270 bypasses Denver to the north.
It looks urban, but it's not. Didn't I mention before that US 6 is everywhere?
A weird little exit, because the layout of the roads makes US 85 seem more important than I-76 to me. I wonder how many people die of boredom each year on this road.
US 34 is known as Ogden Avenue in the Chicagoland area. I think those Colorado state shields give the BGSs some flava, don't you?
Wow, I'd never been to Nebraska before! In Nebraska, they're too good to put up directional banners for I-76.
I-76 just barely makes it out of Colorado before it ends. Now on I-80 all the way to Cleveland, OH!
In Nebraska, they have state road "links."  This is NE Link 25B. This is what the shield looks like on a Link route.
And this is what the Link itself looks like. The Platte River is pretty fast and weedy, and also pretty flat.
You pretty much see the whole town from here, not that there's anything wrong with that. Oh boy!  US 138!
My life is complete: I've officially traveled on US 138, the 3-di without a parent! Off to get a county on US 83.
Big shields, small shields! Off to get another county, this time on US 283.
In Nebraska, every road looks like this.  US 283 South. South on NE 44.  On regular state road shields, there is a small covered wagon on the bottom of the trapezoid.
Back on I-80, there's a new museum or something or other above the road. Okay, so I fell asleep and let my roadtrip compadre Margot take over driving duties.  So we skip ahead to Lincoln on I-80 East still.

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