Out West Roadtrip

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Between Lincoln and Omaha, the road looks rural, but the speed limit is 65 m.p.h. so it is kinda not rural. Kinda seems a little French, no?
Suburban Nebraska!  I didn't know such a place existed until I drove through it. I-80 EB in the Omaha area.
Not gonna take the bypass into Iowa, otherwise known as I-680. Traffic!  In Nebraska!  Who knew?
Coming up on I-480. That's the same US 75 that runs through Okmulgee, OK!
Welcome to Iowa.  I-29 ahoy! An interesting way of showing the multiplex of I-29 and I-80.
First real exit in Iowa. Say goodbye to I-29.  I don't think I'd ever been on I-29 before.
It's like I-680 is following us!  Creepy. A quick jaunt to collect a county allowed me to snap this prime example of an Iowa interstate shield.
This is what we would have seen if we had taken the Omaha bypass. Oh yeah!  I forgot that Iowa went to 70 m.p.h.
US 59 goes to another county. A pretty typical Iowa scene on I-80.
US 71 for another county stop. It's blurry, but that little blue sign underneath the shields tells you the interchange number.
Getting back onto I-80. Nasty storm ahead!
It looked like it was raining here from afar, but it was just REALLY low hanging clouds. Right after this exit at US 169 and US 6, it began to rain like a mother and then it got dark.
A couple hundred miles later, we're in the south suburbs of Chicago on I-80/I-294. The last Oasis on the Tri-State Tollway.  Recently renovated!
There's a bunch of construction at this interchange with I-80, I-94, I-294, and IL 394. Big new stack interchange.  Not too many of these in the Chicago area.
US 41 is the first exit on EB I-80/I-94 in Indiana.  It goes north from here to become Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago. This is the infamous Borman Expressway, which was not bad at all this time of day.
IN 912 is an expressway loop.  But it is known as Cline Ave.  Weird name if you ask me.  Avenue? Eh, you've probably seen these Indiana pictures elsewhere on this site, but that was a few years ago.  So here are the updates.
It is kinda confusing to me to have a BGS on the left that says "3rd Right." I-80 becomes an exit ramp for a short distance while it hooks up with the Indiana Toll Road and I-90.
See?  A small, two lane section of I-80. Whoever chooses Ohio over Chicago is just desperate.  I guess I was kinda desperate.
The ticketing system of the toll road begins here. This is what the toll plaza looks like.
Oh yeah!  I forgot Indiana went to 70 m.p.h., too! Crossing US 31 in South Bend.
Last exit in Indiana is at I-69. This means we've officially been from west to east.
These are some pretty old interstate shields here in Ohio. The very same I-75 as the one in South Florida.
That's where I'm headed!  Cleveland. I-80 and I-90 split here.
This is our exit. IR stands for Interstate Route.
Right by Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. They're doing something weird to I-480's surface.
Crossing I-77. Warrensville Rd. will take you right to my old house in Cleveland Heights.
The big picture. This is a super-weird intersection at Chagrin Blvd. and Warrensville Ctr. Rd.  It involved Northfield Rd. and Van Aken Blvd. as well.  Only a local can explain.
A US 422 shield. Warrensville Center Road in Shaker Heights northbound.
Finally, our trip is done.  This is Cedar Rd. looking west (toward downtown Cleveland) in University Heights.  I lived about a mile to the north of here. Alright!  Thanks for taking this trip with me!  See ya 'round real soon now.

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