Out West Roadtrip

Page Two, li'l doggies!


Continuing in Arizona, but getting close to Utah on I-15 North. Still on I-15 NB.
After miles and miles of sharp curves and mountains, the speed limit has gone back up to 75 m.p.h. There is an exit for the state line port of entry.
Let's see... who gets to stop?? The port of entry is right on the state line.
I-15 has a name. Skiing is very important to the state of Utah.
Well, at least Utah has an interesting state highway shield. I-15 through St. George, Utah.
Interesting name for a town.  Suddenly, Utah gets grassy and more like the plains.
Old-school BGS versus new BGS. There are some snow-capped mountains off to the north!
I was in Bryce Canyon in 1998.  But that was way before I started taking pictures and posting them here. But because of the 1998 trip, I feel a personal connection to US 89.
Still on I-15 NB. Hey, now we're pretty close to snow!
Wow, what a hideous I-15 shield. Ahh, Cove Fort.  Home of the western terminus of Interstate 70!
Some things to do on I-15 in Cove Fort. And here it is!  The western end of I-70.  It goes all the way to Baltimore, Maryland, from here.
I guess this is the first sign on I-70... a ramp speed sign. But this is really the beginning of the interstate right here.  Historic Cove Fort is the first exit on I-70 East.
This would be the first EB I-70 shield. Ooh, some big mountains right by I-70!
Some pretty impressive rock right here! US 89 hooks up with I-70 in central Utah.  And there is a nice cutout US 89 shield.
US 89 does go to Salt Lake, but surely not the fastest way.  Wow, 413 miles to civilization!  That's pretty daunting, but luckily we make up for it with fantastic scenery along the way.
Kinda cool. Oooooooh!
Hey, the rocks are yellow and blue! Wide open nothing!  It's great!
Just wait, folks.  It gets better! See, there's even a turn off for people who want to see the rock formations.
It gets bushy out here. Whoa there!
Nice. They don't designate I-70 a scenic road for nothing!  This is one beautiful drive!  Right now, we're descending a mountain that has been cut to allow I-70 to penetrate it.
Now the rocks are smoother.  US 6 is everywhere.  We'll catch up with it later on its trip to Cape Cod.  It also goes through the Chicago area.

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