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Trip with Granddad


It was hot as heck in August of 2006 when I was back in Oklahoma, and Granddad was done farming for the day.  Since we weren't doing anything, I decided it would be a good thing to go on a roadtrip in Northern Oklahoma.  Granddad and I had fun, and of course ate at Braum's on the way-- best ice cream/fast food place ever!  The first few pictures are of my trip to Oklahoma from Cleveland, and they have no home anywhere else so here they are.  Enjoy! 


I-40 WB with I-55 NB.  This is on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River in the Memphis area.  Both shields have the state name in them, woo hoo! The impending split of the interstates west of Memphis.
Oh boy the split! Now we're officially in Oklahoma on I-40 WB.  This is the new-style state shield.  It was my first live glimpse of them, so this was a momentous picture!!  Anyway, this is basically what I-40 looks like through eastern Oklahoma.
Okay, now we're in between Checotah and Council Hill on US 266 WB at the southern terminus of OK 72.  Before the signs were replaced, many of the OK 72 shields claimed it was US 72. OK 72 northbound with US 62 (I think this might be near Boynton).
This is OK 72 NB and US 64 WB in Haskell.  OK 104 ends here in Haskell.  OK 72 is about to turn off to the north.
And there it goes! Fast forward, and now we're on the Broken Arrow Expy. in Tulsa.
Not much of a left shoulder there, is it? Oh boy, we're approaching hidden I-444, which is really just US 75 for like 2 miles.  Look on the 2007 Rand McNally Road Atlas for proof (if you must).
This interstate is not so hidden.  This exit marks the end of the Broken Arrow Expy. westbound. This is just about the best shot I could get of the Tulsa skyline.
On the US 75 freeway north of town.  This is also called the Cherokee Expy. Approaching the Gilcrease Expy. WB, which at this point is not yet OK 11.
Take the Gilcrease Expy. (OK 11) East to the airport or the zoo. The flyover interchange with OK 11.  You can see the BGS in the background that indicates OK 11 is a surface street to the west.
Approaching OK 20 near Skiatook. Big city life north of Tulsa.
We've hit Bartlesville, and some construction near US 60. This is what the southern part of Bartlesville looks like on US 75 NB and US 60 WB.
US 60 exits in half a mile. US 75 keeps on going north to Kansas.
This is what the northern part of Bartlesville looks like on US 75 NB. Here's OK 123.
And OK 10. Because of the nothingness that surrounds US 75, the speed limit on this non-limited-access road is 70 m.p.h.
Whoa mother, we've hit Kansas! So sue me, this is not Oklahoma.  I have a few pictures of Kansas, and here is US 75 NB reduced to 2 lanes coming into Caney, KS.
Getting back into the country on US 75 NB. But not for long, because here is US 166 West, which I utilized to get a county.
Alright, time to turn around on US 166 WB. Some shields for y'all.
Some hot resurfacing action on US 166 east of US 75. US 166 parallels the OK-KS border, and looks a lot like this.
Some old-school 4-lane action now. Well, after a snack at Braum's, we've made it to Coffeyville and US 169.

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