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Illinois Roadtrip


A view of Kampsville from the east bank of the Illinois River.  This is IL 108 westbound. That's the ferry that takes you over, operated by IDOT.  On my trip, it fit my car, a pickup, another car, and a semi truck.  Impressive, I think. 
This is one of the archeology buildings in Kampsville.  Unfortunately, I couldn't stop to check them out as both were closed at the time.  This building was visible from across the river. Heading out of Kampsville on IL 100 South.  IL 108 ended immediately after crossing the river at IL 100.
There are more trees and bluffs on this side of the river, as seen from IL 100 SB. This was taken from a little turnoff from IL 100 next to the Illinois River.  If you look, you see the gravel shoulder of the road, and then the bluff looms right above the road. 
Taken from the same turnoff looking north.  The Illinois was a very pretty blue on this August afternoon and was very tranquil.  A nice spot to set up a little picnic, if I had food. This view is to the south from the same turnoff.
I couldn't leave out this picture!!! This is southbound on the unnumbered road south of Hardin.  I assume this road is called Bluff Road, although I can't actually confirm that.
This little road winds through the bluffs you see ahead and into the miniscule town of Batchtown, which is next to the Mississippi River.  This is in the finger of Illinois that makes up Calhoun County, surrounded by the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.    Winding through the foresty hills on the way to Batchtown.
I don't even know what direction I'm headed anymore.  Coming into Batchtown.

This is the National Wildlife Refuge just to the west of Batchtown.  It is right on the Mississippi and on my visit I saw an array of birds and deer.  Plus a wild Grand Am driver in the parking area.

The Mighty Mississippi as seen from the parking area at the NWR.
Closer... And even closer, as I stand out on a chain of boulders out in the middle of the river.  Don't tell my mom I did this.
And some pretty Illinois scenery as we continue along the road south of Batchtown. In the Two Rivers NWR, this is Swan Lake, which somehow facilitates the merging of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.  I couldn't quite figure it out, but I think Swan Lake is the  mouth of the Illinois River.
An edge of Swan Lake. Another view of the lake with an unidentified object in the marsh.
A little turnoff of the main NWR road that leads to the other side of Swan Lake.  This is closer to the actual merge of the two rivers. This is Swan Lake and I think the Illinois River as well.  This is a good place to see birds like hawks, owls, eagles, or herons and egrets.  I saw hawks, herons, and egrets on my stop.  Looking sort of northishly. 
Swan Lake and the Illinois River again. And the very rare Subaru WRX in Two Rivers NWR.  Luckily I snapped this before it zoomed away.
The ferry across the Illinois River and Swan Lake that I am about to cross.  Oooh!  Two ferries in one day! The finger of Illinois is full of ferry crossings.  This one is and IL-IL ferry, and there are two other IL-MO ferries in the area.
Cool!  It's the actual meeting of the great rivers!  The Mississippi comes in from the left and the Illinois ends where the right fork meets the left. House on a hill.  This is a great house overlooking the Two Rivers and I'd love to live there.
Another pic of the Illinois meeting the Mississippi. As you can see, I took this shot from the local basketball hoop.  Clearer view, no?

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