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The nice little town of Grafton on SB IL 100. The excessively cool Mississippi River Road section of IL 100.  The limestone bluffs and the wide river squeeze this road tightly.  This is just south of Grafton.  
The River Road follows the bluffs on the left side of the river ahead.  The Mississippi is really wide here, but not nearly at its widest.  Another view from IL 100 South.
Still southbound on IL 100.  Idiots have painted graffiti on the bluffs.  Sad. A relatively new bridge across the Mississippi on US 67 SB from Alton to Missouri.
More bridge. After a quick "uee," here's look at Alton from NB US 67 in Missouri.
Highway 67 is pretty wide in these parts of the Show-Me State. Okay, skip ahead a few hours, and you have me on the National Road somewhere near the Bond/Madison county line.
Unfortunately, it turned into the National Frontage Road for I-70.  This is WB. But it gets better and goes by Highland, where it joins US 40, IL 143, and IL 160.
And later it crosses and hooks up with IL 162. But I went on to Collinsville and south on IL 159 to see... 
...the world's largest bottle of CATSUP!!!  Every town has something special in Illinois. IL 159 crosses IL 161 in Belleville.

Warning: the following pictures are all of road related things!

I've been told by a gracious someone who stumbled across this site that this is the traffic circle in downtown Belleville on IL 159 South. Kind of cool intersection in Belleville because it is the intersection of IL 158 and IL 159.
This is the junction of IL 159 South and IL 15.  IL 15 is a freeway from I-255 to just about here. IL 15 splits off and leaves IL 13 behind and here it is at IL 156 near New Athens I believe.
IL 13 EB heading into the town of Coulterville, where it meets IL 153. And on the outskirts of Pinckneyville, IL 13 joins IL 154 for a mile or two.
IL 13 and IL 154 EB cross IL 127 in Pinckneyville.  IL 154 continues ahead eventually to I-57 while IL 13 turns south with IL 127 to Carbondale. Here's IL 13 and IL 127 at IL western terminus in the middle of nowhere.  IL 152 is only 7 miles long and heads east from here to Du Quoin.
Now we're in Murphysboro, which is about 7 miles west of the college town of Carbondale.  IL 13 turns to the left at IL 149 and IL 127 turns right a block and then continues south. 

That's all for Day Two! 

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