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Whoopsy, how'd we end up in South Carolina?  I've always wanted to go to North Augusta, South Carolina.
US 1 continues on its trek to Canada while US 25 turns off to go to North Augusta, South Carolina. And to think, all of these US routes went down on that little road.  I wish I could go on that little road.  
Don't ask me how, but I managed to get onto the 5th Street Bridge, which is not            US 1/ US 25/ US 78/ US 278.  That's about as good as it gets for Augusta's skyline.
Welcome to Augusta, population 193,101. This is Augusta's downtown, before I showed Amanda J how to zoom in all the way to take road snaps.
Cool railroad bridge that parallels the 5th Street Bridge, looking northeast into South Carolina. That's me standing at the beginning of the riverwalk. 
I'd love to live in any of those houses in North Augusta, South Carolina. Ain't the Riverwalk pretty?!
That's the Savannah River, by the way. There's a pavilion here, too.
It's sooo nice, I recommend walking here sometime. Back to downtown Augusta.
These buildings almost remind me of Cairo, IL, if it were you know, alive and kicking. Augusta even has one of these clocks, just like Cairo!  Look for yourself here.  At least this clock displays the right time.
No one better to name a street after than James Brown, right? I think this pic speaks for itself.
Tall building obscured by trees. This one can speak for itself as well.
Confederate soldiers' memorial.  Wow, now I remember we're still in the south. The memorial looks old, but I wonder exactly how old it is.  If I remember to look it up one of these days, I'll let you know its age.
This city is great, let me just tell you. Walking along Broad Street.
The wide median houses parking, fountains, and sidewalks.  It is a pretty "broad street", after all. More downtown Augusta.
Sometimes I just love my photography.  This is the Augusta Magazine building, if you can't read. An old-style auto service station.
A church at the riverwalk's parking lot. Back to that old railroad bridge.
A better shot of the bridge and the entrance to the riverwalk. Alright, we're done with Augusta, so we hop onto I-520.

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