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After not taking a real roadtrip since last summer (!!!) I finally got around to doing it on Memorial Day weekend of 2006.  Amanda J and I went all through eastern Georgia, including the great city of Augusta, and she took roughly half of the following pictures--- the second half.  So enjoy them!  And by the way, if you are planning a trip anywhere in the Southeast, remember to not go on Sunday because everything is closed.


GA 21 just north of the I-95 interchange at GA 30.  We are roughly 10 miles north of Savannah right now. So here we are on GA 21 NB.
I guess you can tell I didn't take this picture, seeing as I was driving. GA 21 NB near, or maybe in, Springfield.  I think.
There is a project to 4-lane all of GA 21 from I-95 to US 25 underway.  In the midst of construction.
Getting into Newington here. With all the 4-laning going on (and a bypass in the works ), there is a detour for GA 24 in Newington.
The scene (for now) on GA 21 in Newington. See, I think this is where the soon-to-be-old road will connect to the Newington bypass.
Looking back to the south at the Newington bypass. Northbound again.
Still on GA 21 NB. There's already a bypass for the town of Sylvania.
Ha!  Here's proof of that. Railroad crossing on the expressway.
Almost at US 301. Georgia's overhead directional markers always get me confused, because I am not used to looking up for my signs.
US 301, GA 73, and GA 21 around Sylvania. I took this pic because the cross-roads sign has very narrow lines for the roads.  Weird I know.
Goodbye US 301. Yep, there's even construction on GA 21 west of Sylvania.
GA 21 turns westward to Millen and US 25. Parts of the road are already complete.
End GA 21. Still 19 miles from Waynesboro on US 25 and GA 121.
Wow, that 19 miles went by fast. Some roadsigns for you.
US 25 NB is being widened if you couldn't already tell. More construction.
I think this pic is interesting because it looks like the road goes up a hill but nothing else does. Coming down the hill.
A neat little curve on the downslope. Hey we're almost to Augusta!!!
JCT Interstate 520 to I-20.  Love the state name in the shields.  Love Georgia. US 1 joins the fun.
So do US 78, US 278, and GA 10. Whoa, it's almost a freeway?!

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