College Roadtrip


Winfield, IL, to New Brunswick, NJ:

The pastel colors of the Illinois Tollway.  Drivers in the I-PASS express lanes cannot use the next exit. I wouldn't call this a BGS, I'd call it a GGS.  Giant Green Sign.  This is where the Tri-State and I-294 curve eastward before they end at I-94 in about 6 miles.


Eastbound I-80 and Southbound I-294 on the Tri-State.  We'll be on I-80 all the way into New Jersey. But before we get to New Jersey, we go over a large rock quarry.
Nice button copy on this overhead gantry.  IL 394 is a freeway that heads south to Crete, and is part of the Bishop Ford Freeway. I-294 ends here, but I-80 continues and I-94 joins it.
End I-294. This inadequate freeway is called the Kingery Expressway in Illinois, but turns into the more infamous Borman Expressway once it crosses the Indiana line.
Still on the Kingery. We've made it to Indiana.
US 41 SB hooks up with the expressway just over the Indiana line and exits here. The Borman Expressway, which had suprisingly little traffic on it at the time we passed through.  I've been on this road with 10 mile backups at least.
East I-80, I-94, and US 6. Coming up on IN 53 and I-65. 
Hardly anyone on the road!! Take the third right for the toll road.  Third right it is.
I-80 exits here on a one-lane ramp to the Toll Road.  This is the I-80 mainline, believe it or not. 
And now it merges with the Toll Road, I-90. East I-80 and I-90.  That small green circular shield is for the Indiana E-W Toll Road.
Who cares about most of Ohio?  Now we're on the free part of I-80 in Youngstown, OH.  OhioDOT uses New York City as the control city, but Pennsylvania uses silly controls like Hazleton or something.  You never know what you'll find on the road in Ohio!!
Now east of Youngstown on I-80. You know you're in Pennsylvania when the interchanges are named.  Losers.
I-80 isn't the smoothest road on the planet in these parts. You never know what you'll find on the road in Pennsylvania either!!!
PA 8 goes to the Oil City area. An I-80 scene in Western Pennsylvania.
Nearing Penn State. The ALT part of ALT US 220 is tacked on where the exit tab should be.
ALT 220 goes south from here and the ALT is still tacked on to the top. No, not THAT Jersey Shore!!
I-80 Eastbound.  I think there are paint tests along this highway, and result in stripes like you can see in the distance on the road. I-180 is coming up, and goes to the same place as US 15 does.
Oh boy guys!!  We're going to Bloomsburg!  Where is that now? It's starting to look a bit prettier out there in the mountains.
More I-80 EB. I-80 Pennsylvania shield.  What's with the "Blue Detour" sign?
I-80 is about to cross I-81. The I-81 exits.  Hey PennDOT: Hazleton?!
An old style Pennsylvania BGS with some updates that make it ugly. Almost to the Northern Extension of the Penna Turnpike, I-476.

After this it got too dark to take pictures. 

New Brunswick to Salisbury

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