College Roadtrip


New Brunswick, NJ, to Salibury, MD:

The first pic of the day (after visitng Rutgers) is of an I-287 NJ shield.  There was a healthy bug that I killed as you can see to the right of the shield. This is NJ 18 SB.  Pretty busy.  In fact, all of New Jersey is pretty busy.
Now on US 9 SB at I-195.  We bailed onto I-195 because US 9 was too ridiculously trafficky. Now on I-195.
Skip ahead a bit and now we're SB on the Garden State Parkway.  I've never seen such fast drivers as I have on this road in New Jersey. Pay toll.
US 30 crosses here and you can go to Atlantic City from here. US 30 EB in Absecon.
MY highway taxes at work? My dad got this pic of a US 30 shield in the midst of construction.
Just to change things up a bit: US 30 East, not East US 30. Welcome to Atlantic City, folks!  It's my favorite playground, how about you?
Well, we're still out in the middle of nowhere now, but you can see the actual city ahead. Atlantic City does know how to make interesting BGSs!
You can get to the Atlantic City Expy. from here on US 30. This is the start of the AC Expy.
Nice water tower at what I think is pretty close to the end of US 30 in Atlantic City. Atlantic City.
Getting onto the AC Expy. An eensie beensie bit of construction on the AC Expy West.
Welcome to the Atlantic City Expressway says James McGreevey.  Woo hoo hoo, not anymore he doesn't!! We took this exit for US 9.
West AC Expy.  If you look closely, you can see a little banner underneath the shield that says "Phila." JCT US 40 and US 322.  Little did I know that a year from when I was near the eastern end of US 322, I'd be living at the western end of the same road.
Westbound US 40 and US 322. To the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.
Ferry traffic use left lane. Welcome to the ferry on US 9 SB.
I guess this road goes to the town of Cape May. Ferry directions.
Ferry line. We've been across the ferry and we're now in Delaware.
US 9 is signed east-west in Delaware. End Speed Limit 35.  Weird.
Going down US 9 West. DE 1 crosses US 9 in Belltown.
DE 404 mysteriously appears here as US 9 hooks up with DE 1 for a few seconds. DE 1 NB.
Continuing on US 9 and DE 404 West. Crossing DE 30.
There are signs for the Bay Bridge all the way up here in Delaware!! Truck route around Georgetown starts here.
This the non-truck route through Georgetown for those of us brave enough. Oops!  This ain't DE 9, people, it's US 9!
A roundabout in Georgetown. We've left US 9 behind us in favor of DE 18.  But we're still on Route 404.
Crossing US 113. Crossing US 13.  We'll see US 13 tomorrow.
I missed the Maryland welcome sign, but the consolation prize is this MD 318 shield. Buckle up.  Maryland cares AND it's their law.
Now on MD 307. From here we went on US 50 straight to Cambridge, MD, for the night.

Salisbury to Chesapeake, VA

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