College Roadtrip


Salisbury, MD, to Chesapeake, VA:

US 50 EB approaching Salisbury.  This is the new bypass for US 50, and the new signs have green Business Route shields. US 50 EB at US 13 and Bus. US 13 north of Salisbury.
US 50 joins the older US 13 bypass around Salisbury now. This is what US 13 SB and US 50 EB look like.
Reassurance markers for US 13 and US 50. US 50 splits off here towards Ocean City, where it will end.  We, however, are headed to Norfolk, so we'll stay on US 13.
US 113 has its southern end in 1/2 mile at US 13.  Near Pocomoke City, MD. The beginning of US 113.  Its northern end is in Dover, DE.
Entering Virginia now, where they don't like it when you use your radar detector. I think the circles mean county roads, so this should be Accomack CR 710.
Almost at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and you can see the bridge off in the distance to the left.  Still US 13 SB. The beginning of the bridge, which I think is 20 or 21 miles long.
A view of the bridge further south. About to go down into the first of the two tunnels.  These tunnels are only 2 lane, 2 way roads.
Inside the tunnel.  Do not pass. Steeper decline now.
The rest area on US 13 just after the tunnel. There's a pier here, as well as a gift shop and I think a cafe.
The pier, which actually was pretty well-used. A look back at mainland Virginia from the pier.
Some old BGSs for US 13, US 60 and I-64. After getting turned around a bit, we come to the same intersection as the previous picture, facing the other way.  I like how the directions have been incorporated into the shields.
East US 60 shield. I figure since I took it, it must have some value.
A Lotus graces the presence of this I-264 shield. Getting onto I-264, which leads to I-64.
West I-264. Still Westbound on I-264.
BGS for I-264 and I-64 to Norfolk. Some variable message signs on I-264 WB.
A bunch of roads at this next exit!! The first mention of I-664 here.  Interesting that I-64 West is labeled as "I-64 Richmond" while I-64 East is labeled as such.
One mile to the I-64 EB exit. I-64 to I-664 North.  To Chesapeake and Suffolk.
I-64 Eastbound (although we're actually going more west here) approaching VA 168 and Bus. VA 168.  A non-directional I-64 shield.
Many restrictions on US 17.  We'll be exiting on VA 168 South, a new free/toll road to the North Carolina line. VA 168 SB now, at the exit for I-64 to Virginia Beach.
I-464 ends here, while VA 168 continues south. The split of VA 168 and US 17.  This is a rather complicated interchange, no?
South VA 168. The new VA 168 tollway.

Chesapeake to Florida

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