College Roadtrip


Chesapeake, VA, to Florida:

North Carolina extends its hospitality to us as we enter the state. At the state line, the VA 168 freeway ends and the NC 168 surface 4-lane begins.
NC 168 ends here as US 158 comes in from the west and makes a turn south to follow the alignment of Route 168. Entering the city of Kitty Hawk on US 158 EB.
US 158 gets together with NC 12 here.  A series of overhead BGSs in Kitty Hawk.
South on NC 12.  This road hugs the coast of the Atlantic Ocean very closely, kind of like FL A1A does. But unlike FL A1A, NC 12 regularly has sand dunes spilling onto the road.  It wasn't even very windy this day with the sand on the road.
There are a lot of closely-packed houses on the left side of the road, and many small businesses on the right side. The eastern end of US 64 south of Nags Head.  This highway goes through many states and towns, including Muskogee, Oklahoma, before ending at US 160 in Arizona.
Southbound NC 12.  We're really in the Outer Banks now. NC 12 goes through the Pamlico Sound on two occasions.  This one gets you from Hatteras to Ocracoke Island.
In Cedar Island, now on the mainland, this is still NC 12. US 70 takes over in Atlantic, and goes by Cape Lookout National Seashore.
After traversing US 70, we took NC 24, a 4-lane road, to NC 172, which passes through Camp LeJeune Marine Corps Base.  We were stopped for inspection on the way in. Tank Xing.  There are (very wide) trails for the tanks to drive on that cross NC 172.
NC 210 goes to I-40 from US 17 SB.  This is north of Wilmington. US 17 about to meet US 117 and NC 132 in Wilmington.  The two roads head north from here and lead directly to the eastern terminus of I-40.
For all intents and purposes, this is the beginning of I-40 Westbound.  There is a sign telling the mileage to Barstow, CA (the western end of I-40), but I missed that shot. East I-40 now, and it ends in 5 miles.
Construction had started for what will one day become I-140 north of Wilmington. This is indeed the end of I-40 Eastbound.  It turns into NC 132 and US 117 joins the road, as well.
South US 117 and NC 132 after I-40 ended. End freeway.
Big Green Signs in Wilmington. South Carolina.

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