College Roadtrip


Florida to Chattanooga:

US 27 Northbound in Broward County.  Expressway and lightly traveled. Junction with I-75 and FL 84 is ahead.
The ramp from US 27 NB to I-75. North or south on I-75? 
I-75 Northbound is Alligator Alley Westbound. I-275 is in just one mile.  South of St. Petersburg.
US 41 comes first, though. I-275 North is called the Sunshine Skyway.
This is Tampa Bay, which is surprisingly flat and close to the interstate. I think this must be the reason it is called the "skyway."
Going up. North I-275.
Now we're getting into the city of St. Petersburg, still on I-275. Downtown exits for St. Pete.  The two most pointless interstates are located here, besides I-180 in Illinois.
I-375 goes to the pier.  Both I-175 and I-375 are only a couple thousand feet long. Now in Tampa, nearing the western end of I-4.
More Tampa scenes. I-4 is about to begin.
I-275 becomes "Thru Traffic" north of I-4. End I-275 at I-75.
This is a life-sized image of an I-75 Georgia shield.  Because this is so huge, I've put the next three pictures on the right side. US 82 and GA 520 in Tifton, off I-75.  Why is that GA state shield green?



I-16 ends here at I-75 in Macon.



The split of the two interstates in Macon.

South of Atlanta at the convergence of multiple interstates. At I-285, the bypass of Atlanta.
I-75 through Atlanta is quite wide and busy. I-75 continues with a view of the Atlanta skyline.
I-85 joined I-75 a few miles ago and now we're downtown.  You can see the Georgia capitol building to the right. That's all for the day, since it got too dark for more pics. 

Chattanooga to Winfield

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