College Roadtrip


Chattanooga to Winfield:

Bunch of US Routes:  US 41, US 64, US 11, and US 72 all share pavement.  We saw US 64 in North Carolina and could follow US 41 all the way up to Chicago if we wanted to.  This is just west of Chattanooga off of I-24. I-24 dips back into Georgia for a few miles to hit I-59, which ends here.
Welcome back to Tennessee. I-24 goes through some mountains in southern Tennessee.
I-24 WB crossing TN 840, which may or may not be I-840 one day. Getting more urban as we head into Nashville.
I-40 joins I-24 through Tennessee's capitol city. I guess I-40 takes precedence over I-24.
Now we'll add I-65 to the mix. I-65 and I-24 split here, but the truck is blocking the view.
One of Ketucky's politicized parkways. This one was formerly the Green River Parkway. A stop for gas led us to US 31W.
I-65 NB at I-265, the Gene Snyder Freeway. Nearing I-264.  Interesting how Louisville lays claim to I-264 and I-265 both!
Muhammad Ali gets some recognition in downtown Louisville on I-65 NB. Coming up on I-71 and I-64.
Going on the bridge over the Ohio River into Indiana. Welcome to Indiana again.
I-65 was closed in Indianapolis at the time, and they directed motorists to use I-465. Taking the warnings seriously, we now get on to I-465 around Indianapolis.
I-465 is accompanied by I-74 and IN 37. Approaching Indy Airport. 
Finally, we're back in the Chicago area now, but still in Indiana.  We exited onto I-80/94.  The Borman.  That was a mistake, as we sat in traffic forever! That's the end of the College Roadtrip!  It was over 3,500 miles long and took a about two weeks (with multiple-day stops in Florida).

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