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Continuing along VA 122. More of the same.
I tried to get a pretty picture without stopping, and the result is this pole. The landscape opens up a little approaching Bedford..
And here we are on the east side of town, at the junction with US 221. US 221 is generally uninteresting between Bedford and Lynchburg.
Arrival in Lynchburg.  We'll take US 501 south to US 29 now. The thumbnail is better than the picture here.  But it's what US 501 looks like as a freeway on the west side of Lyncburg.
Bus. US 460 is coming up next.  As you can see, it has started raining a bit. It's called Fort Avenue in these parts. 
At last, here we are on US 29, which is a nice expressway throughout almost all of Virginia. It felt like forever on US 29, but it was not that bad--- only 26 miles to Danville, which is just north of the NC border.
At Chatham, there is a Bus. US 29.  It has a link to VA 57 West, which is signed without a shield here. This is a very typical scene on US 29 SB.
Getting onto the Danville Expressway, with the control city of Martinsville displayed.  Martinsville Speedway is one of Mark Martin's least favorite places to race. And South Boston is where Jeff Burton is from!
One day this will be I-785. SB US 29 and WB US 58.  We're about to make the westward curve around town.
US 58 will now split of to Martinsville. Just in case anyone gets confused, there is plenty of signage to tell you which road goes where.
A closer view of the signs in the background of the previous picture. That's it for Virginia!  Right after the exit with US 58, we enter North Carolina.
US 29 doesn't look all that different in North Carolina than it did in Virginia. North Carolina seems to place more importance on the future I-785.
Coming into the Greensboro area. Hey, how come the other side of the road gets more lanes than we do??
A fun little sign with a spelled out US 70. The freeway gets a little substandard around these parts.
Here's that exit for US 70. Joining US 29 this afternoon will be US 70 and US 220.
Lee Street seems like a pretty important road in the area. Here we are at the interchange of US 29/US 70/US 220 with I-40, US 421, and Bus. I-85.
Holy road signs, Batman!  Pick a route, any route. Did you want to know what those routes looked like?  Well, I've got you covered there.
Just so ya know (and you might if you read these kinds of web pages), Bus. I-85 is an old alignment of I-85.  The interstate now runs a few miles to the south. A blurry shot of the split among the 6 routes.
The shields tell you what road you're actually now, because it is very possible that you missed your road in the melee. Going down Bus. I-85, US 29, and US 70.
Here's the new I-85. Now we're headed south on US 220, which will someday be I-73.  Maybe.

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