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See the space allocated for I-73 on the BGS?  Yes, yes you do.  I mainly took this picture for Randleman Road.  Randleman is where Kyle Petty, driver of the NASCAR #45 Dodge, is from. This is what SB US 220 looks like.
There are a bunch of these transportation-related blue signs on this stretch of highway. I'll refrain from the dirty jokes on this one, but aren't the two town names synonymous?  Maybe it's the same town and they just want you to THINK there are two!!
Look carefully, because it is not I-73 yet.  It says "Future" instead of "Interstate." Woo NASCAR!!  Woo Petty!!
Suddenly, Future I-74 joins the fray. Detour state shields are orange!
Kinda substandard, which is why this road is not I-73. If you're a follower of this site, you are probably tired of me saying this, but here it goes:  Yes, that's the same US 64 that runs through Muskogee, Oklahoma!
So south of Asheboro, the road is up to interstate standards, and we have I-73 and I-74!  And it's still US 220, of course. Some landscape.
Okay, so the freeway has ended a few miles behind us.  Now this is US 220 SB and to the right is the new alignment for I-73.  This scene probably resembles a lot of US routes in the 1960s and 1970s when most interstates were being constructed across the country. I don't know what town this is, but it is  north of Rockingham.
Now we're getting into Rockingham, home of North Carolina Speedway (which NASCAR abandoned in 2004).  A Rockingham scene on Bus. US 74 WB.
More Bus. US 74! See?!
Interesting use of exit numbers at the end of Bus. US 74. This is US 74 WB.
Does this really need description? I thought this scene was kinda cool.
The town of Morven, NC. Where we pick up US 52 to go south.
SB US 52 in southern North Carolina. Yay, new county!!
There is a truck route on SC 9. Hey, it's US 1, which runs right by the University of Miami, where I go to school!
I'm not interested in returning to Rockingham right now.  But I am, in fact, going the right way. Now we're in the Bennettsville area at US 15 and US 401.  We'll take SC 38 from here.
State name in the shield!  State name in the shield! At the I-95 junction on SC 38 SB.
SC 38 is 4 lanes in these parts, just south of I-95.  I'm grabbing one last county on this jaunt. Now back on I-95 SB.  This is approaching the eastern terminus of I-20, which ends all the way out in the Texas desert.  But hey, I-20 ends here, so why is the left BGS telling us that I-20 continues eastward?  It shouldn't-- it is actually Business Spur I-20.
The beginning of I-20.  They did it again, what with the wrong signage.  This is the last picture because I already traveled this part of the road and it got dark after this. If you've stuck with me all the way on this trip, congratulations!!  You've made it to the end!  Thanks for traveling with me!

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