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Southbound on I-81.  Mile markers here are small. This is what SB I-81 looks like in this part of Virginia.
This is an interesting sign, especially the commas. Apparently, VA 262 used to be VA 175, but I don't know the circumstances surrounding the change.
Cool "Old" shield here. I'm pretty sure the only reason I took this road was to get a county.  Yes, actually, it was the independent city of Staunton that I wanted.
Just a few I-81 shields here. An I-81 SB scene past the Staunton exit.
I-64 WB is about to join up with I-81 SB.  This is the sign for I-64 EB to Richmond. Wow, 4/5 mile.  Like I can accurately gauge 4/5 of a mile.
Here's the actual exit. Two different fonts for the shields.
A pretty good idea of what the interstates look like from Staunton to Lexington.  At US 11.  US 340 ends at US 11 close to this exit.
If you squint, you can see that we're about to cross US 11 again, this time near Lexington. Ooh, I think this is a cool picture.
Bye bye I-64! Yes, this is the same US 60 that goes through Bartlesville, OK, and Phoenix, AZ.
I needed gas, and a stop to get Lexington on the county map, so I got off at US 60 West. It was kinda pretty.
I like the little "Trucks" banner on the top of the I-64 shield. I really wanted to go down US 60 EB for a bit, to get to US 501 in Buena Vista.  So this is US 60 East going down a big hill.
And here's our turn. The lovely, and slightly blurry, town of Buena Vista.
Following US 501 SB through town. And out of town, too.
I guess VA 130 is the alternate route to Lynchburg. I think US 501 sounds good to me.  We turn right and go over a cool river with big rocks in it, but the pictures are bad, so they don't get to be on the website.
US 501 SB gets windy and hilly now.  Woooo!!! See?  Windy!
Here we are at VA 122. Oh, the things I do to get my county map filled.  I'm going to Bedford on VA 122 South.

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