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Day One


Georgia-South Carolina line to Spartanburg, SC:

Welcome to South Carolina.  Home of "Patriotic Moments" brought to you by Bob's Animal Feed.  "...And may God bless America." That silver car in front of me would slow down and speed up and I couldn't pass him or get rid of him.  How terrible.  At US 17 and US 321 on I-95 NB.
Coosawhatchie is an awesome name. Traffic is a little more sparse than it is in Georgia.
I-26 bumps into I-95 here.  This is finally my exit. I hate how the darkness makes my shots blurry.  I probably could fix that if I knew how to use my camera properly.
US 301. The southern beginning of I-77 in Columbia, SC.  I would exit here and go straight to Cleveland if I were a rational person.  But rationality is no fun anyway.
Oooh!  A stack interchange! I-126 starts on the north side of the capital city.
Crossing I-20 on I-26 WB north of Columbia. Speed limits on I-26 through Columbia range from 55 to 60 m.p.h.  Now it is 55.
And now it's 60. US 176 and its parent route get together in this area.
Surprisingly, this pic came out okay.  I-385 begins here and heads up to Greenville while  I-26 heads off to Spartanburg. Day one comes to a close.

Day Two

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