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This is I-5 Southbound in the Santa Clarita area. CA 14 used to be US 6 a long, long time ago.
They actually put the exact population of Los Angeles on the city limits sign! Quite possibly the most famous valley in California.
At I-210. I hate these interstate shields.  They ain't go no alibi, if you catch my drift.
At the I-405 freeway. I-405 shield.
Coming up on US 101. Here's US 101.
Mulholland Dr.  That's a famous road, right? Some mountainous areas in L.A.
California speed limit signs are u-g-l-y, as well. Santa Monica Blvd. is Historic US 66.
Wow, the western terminus of I-10!!  I live near the eastern terminus of I-10 in Jacksonville, FL!!  Taken from the beach area alongside the Pacific Coast Hwy. I-10 shield.  This one is not so hideous.
Some road ending at the Pacific Coast Hwy. with a view of the Pacific Ocean. See?  I wouldn't lie to you about where a road ends.
SB CA 1, the Pacific Coast Hwy. This is the start of I-10.  In a tunnel.
More scenes of the beginning of I-10. This is at least one of the first eastbound shields.
I guess then that I-10 is called this through Arizona, Texas, Alabama, and Florida, too? Look for yourself.
Some road in L.A. Ooh, this is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Shopping in 90210.  With prices that are so ridiculous, they aren't even funny to look at. Santa Monica Blvd. (which used to be Route 66 and is currently CA 2) in Beverly Hills.
US 101 in Hollywood. I do, however, like California's US Route shields.
This is what US 101 looks like near downtown L.A. It's blurry, but this is downtown Los Angeles.
I-5 and I-10 hook up downtown. Ooh, Los Angeles gets its own street.
I was amazed with the lack of traffic when I traveled all these roads. Continuing on I-5 SB.
I-710 ahoy! This underpass looks a little shabby.
Entering the suburb of Downey. All these medieval BGSs really make me happy.
More I-5. All right!  We're almost ready to ditch I-5.
These construction signs are clearer than the originals. About to go up a long flyover to the CA 91 freeway.
Shield for CA 91 East. Welcome to Anaheim.  Well, not really welcome.  Just "city limit."
HOV lanes begin. A series of BGSs for CA 91.
There are toll express lanes on CA 91. Nice sign for the toll express lanes.

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