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Just a pic of CA 91 EB. This kind of tollway-within-a-freeway is what Miami has just decided to do with I-95.
Take CA 241 to Irvine, but be prepared to pay a toll. CA 71 goes to Pomona and Ontario.
Okay, we're gonna get on I-15 in a minute. North I-15.
Barstow, here we come! It's blurry, but it proves that I've been through the I-10 and I-15 intersection.
Quite possibly the best city name in Southern California. Hey, that's Old Route 66!
Mountains. Really old signs!
Exit here for a taste of history. More mountains, more road.
This is the southern terminus of US 395, which heads north all the way into Washington. Only 191 miles to Vegas!
In the Barstow area. I-15 north of Barstow.
CA 58 begins here.  Or ends, depending on which way you are traveling. Now we're in the middle of the Mojave Desert.
Oh boy!  This is the first road sign I ever remember seeing on the internet.  It was at this website. Exit here for Death Valley.
Gettin' a little twisty-curvy here. I-15 is really a pretty drive through the desert.
Ooh, that's kinda neat! Ooh, so is that!
Last picture in Southern California.  Because Nevada is in less than one mile!  

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