Out West Roadtrip

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This is right in the thick of the Las Vegas Strip on I think Flamingo Road looking west.  Either way, that's the Rio off to the right, where I once saw Penn and Teller peform. Here we are at I-15.
There's a full view of the Rio. A first look at I-15 NB in Las Vegas.
Here's more of the Strip for you to oggle. At Sahara Ave.
Here we are at NV 159. That's a lot of information to absorb right there!
I wonder if you can get to Lake Mead from this exit. I-15 narrows to 4-lanes pretty quickly.  I think it is kinda crowded on the reduced-size road.
It's tough going 65 m.p.h. in the desert. Approaching a recently-repaved Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
And there it is, behind a sea of Mustangs. I just thought these rock layers were interesting.
US 93 is apparently otherwise known as the Great Basin Highway. I-15 is rather pretty in Nevada.
Mileage signs!  I remember seeing mileage to Salt Lake from 505 miles away in California.  Must not be many things between Los Angeles and Salt Lake. Mesquite is the last town in Nevada on I-15.
All right!  Welcome to Arizona! A cool view into a valley in extreme northwest Arizona.
I-15 Arizona shield. Jeez, the mountains are so high you can't even see the tops of them in this picture!

The Virgin River has created a gorge that is responsible for I-15's scenery for the next 10 miles or so.

Heeeere we go!
Whoo!  Nice curves baby! I-15 is pwetty.
We are only up 2,000 feet! Continuing on.
And on. The mountains are opening up a little.
So we're now out of the Virgin River Gorge. There's even a recreation area for the Virgin River.
The rocks have turned a nice red shade. The exits in Arizona don't go through to anywhere.  They do serve some localities though.

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