Route 66 in the Vinita/Miami Area

Actually, it's near Afton


The following pics are from the 9-foot-wide stretch of Historic US 66 near Afton, Oklahoma.  The road is relatively unmolested, although the parts that join the main highway, now US 59/69, are covered in gravel.  You kind of have to look to find this, though, and it took my granddad and I two times to find it.  We started on the south end and worked our way north.  Thanks Granddad for taking this trip with me!!


This is it!!  Granddad's Crown Vic barely fit on the road! This road is probably pretty handy for the farmer who owns the property on either side.  The red dirt is a nice touch.
Imagine this road as the main highway from Chicago to Los Angeles!! The road comes out at US 59 and US 69, just north of I-44 (Will Rogers Tpk).  This is the junction assembly for US 60 and I-44, which on separate roads hit US 59/69 just ahead.

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