Route 66 West of Tulsa

An abandoned stretch


This piece of the Mother Road can be found near Sapulpa, right off the current OK 66.  It is fully driveable (at least it was last time I checked) and is, obviously, quite awesome.  I shouldn't quite say abandoned, as people still live on it, but the road has definitely been bypassed.  Thanks to Grandmother and Granddad for taking me on this little trip!


This fantastic old bridge has a brick roadway.  It goes over a small creek right next to the new OK 66. A closer view.
The road goes through rural areas, but they are more wooded than soybeaned. The railroad goes over Old 66.
Many many trees. Coming up on the end of the bypassed road.
A OK 66 sign, which is now obsolete with the introduction of the new OK state highway shield.  

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