Tulsa and Vicinity

Summer '02


Getting out of the Tulsa International Airport, you come across these signs that incorrectly point you to OK 75.  It should be US 75. Southbound on the former Mingo Valley Expy, which is US 169.  US 64 joins the expressway southbound here and OK 51 crosses it.  Turn on OK 51 to get to Muskogee.
South on US 75, the Beeline or Okmulgee Expy, at I-44.  You can still see the old US 66 shields on the BGSs in between the I-44 and OK 66 shields. Coming up on I-244 and US 412 from US 75 NB.
On the Keystone Expy (US 64/412) EB.  The two OK state shields are really really faded and barely readable.  They are also old and button-copy. Entering the city of Tulsa on the Keystone Expy East.  You can see a bit of the skyline from here.
To Tulsa International Airport, use I-244.  Eastbound US 64/412 in Tulsa approaching I-244.
The I-244 interchange. The split of I-244.
I-244 WB coming up on Hidden I-444, which is known as US 75 and US 64 and OK 51. US 75 splits from I-244 WB headed for Okmulgee. 
US 75 SB is a 4-lane expressway all the way to Henryetta, about 50 miles south of here. US 75 crossing the newly-completed Creek Turnpike.
Creek Turnpike shield eastbound. I-244 at US 169.
Southbound on the then-Mingo Valley Expy. at Memorial Drive, US 64. East US 64 is actually suoth US 64 until Bixby, a semi-suburb of Tulsa.
This is at the southern end of US 169 just south of Tulsa.  Taken from Memorial Drive. North US 169 begins here and US 64 West follows it.  This is looking south on Eastbound US 64.

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