Southern Oklahoma



This is from the same trip that I was never a part of: it's the second half of the Texas trip that my aunts and grandmother took a few years ago.  This is all from some years ago, before the age of the digital camera.


Southbound shields for US 69 and US 75, which share pavement from Atoka to just south of the Red River in Texas, near Denison.  I don't think of this road as US 75 for some reason, so I'll just say US 69. This is near Atoka, where US 75 joins US 69.  Incidentally, OK 3 also comes in for a little bit.
Southbound, I think, US 69 in McAlester at Westbound US 270, OK 1, and OK 31. The Eastbound exit.
US 70 Durant BGS on US 69. The Durant exit at US 70.
US 70 has a "By-Pass" route around Hugo, and it hooks up with US 271. The US 70 bypass starts east of Hugo, picks up US 271 on the south side of town, then loops around to the Indian Nation Turnpike.
I guess this is US 271 Northbound approaching the Hugo bypass. In Okmulgee, about 30 miles west of Muskogee, US 62 and US 75 get together and head southward to Henryetta.  Okay, so this is not "Southern" Oklahoma.  It's Central Oklahoma.  Get over it.
All along OK 52 from US 266 to OK 16, there are US shields instead of state shields.  The same thing happens on nearby OK 72.  OK 52 serves no large community. Business US 62 ends at Shawnee Bypass in Muskogee.

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