Southern Foray

Boldly go where no Yankee has gone before


Time to visit the Aunt in Texas!  After playing with my grandparents in August '06, I meandered down to Weatherford, TX.  Here are the pictures of that trip, until the Texas state line.  The Texas pictures can be seen right here.  Enjoy!


We're gonna start out in Morris on US 62 WB. A new-style OK State Road shield in downtown Morris.
Heading west out of Morris, US 62 picks up some wide shoulders and a concrete surface. Eventually, US 62 hits Loop OK 56, which bypasses the town of Okmulgee.
And US 62 picks up a couple extra lanes at Loop 56. Now this is south of Okmulgee on US 62 WB and US 75 SB.  The actual direction is south.
The Indian Nation Turnpike begins just ahead on the same alignment as the two aforementioned US Routes. But first we have to cross the western end of US 266.  US 266 is short and travels to the east for about 40 miles to its eastern end at US 64 in Warner.
A factory along US 62-75 in Henryetta. As you can see, US 62-75 splits off to join I-40 and the Indian Nation Tpk. heads south toward McAlester.  Those US shields on the right seem to indicate that the routes continue ahead, but they don't.  Confusing I say.
Business US 62-75 BGS on I-40 and US 62-75 Westbound. This is the old road-- old US 62-75-- which runs parallel to I-40 just to the north.
After a few miles, the super-old pavement takes over and there is almost no traffic. An old-school intersection where US 75 used to split off to the south.
This is the scene immediately after turning left at the intersection in the previous photo.  Back at I-40. South US 75 picks up at the interstate.
Just a US 75 scene. A bend in the road brings OK 84 to the picture.
I'm gonna hedge my bets and say this is Weleetka. Don't have to guess on this one.
Here's OK 9 in Wetumka. Ten miles to the south, in the middle of nowhere, we come upon US 270.
Some hot shield-on-shield action! Everything looked prettier in person.  The cameras don't do Oklahoma justice.
Aha!  A change of pace: we've just turned west on OK 1. OK 1 and OK 48 hook up at Atwood, along the Canadian River.
OK 48 south.  Not really a transcontinental route, huh? It would have been scary to have that "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" sign if there was any traffic on OK 3.
Old sign meets new sign. OK 48 was detoured at OK 22 for construction, so I took the detour eastward to US 69-75.
The road is a complete freeway here, but US 69 is an expressway (at least) from I-44 in the north to the Texas line in the south.  Although it looks pretty empty, US 69 is a big truck route throughout the state.
I got off US 69-75 at US 70 West.  This is the road going over a little part of Lake Texoma, which straddles the OK-TX line as a flooded part of the Red River with branches up into Oklahoma. Neat bridge.
US 70 WB at OK 70B. US 70 goes northwest just a bit and OK 32 continues due west.
OK 32 West at US 377 and OK 99.  I don't know why OK 99 is signed on US 377-- it seems like a waste of shields and money.  Look at a map and you'll see that all of US 377 in Oklahoma is also OK 99. Again, this was a prettier picture in real life.
Here we are at US 77 in the town of Marietta.  I-35 runs alongside US 77 about a mile west of here. I elected to travel US 77 South instead of I-35.
This is where I-35 goes across US 77 without an interchange. A few miles south of the last picture, US 77 finally catches up with I-35 just north of the Texas border.

I continued southwards into Texas and you can find those pictures on my Central Texas Roadtrip page.

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