Just some pix from around the state


I finally got around to Oklahoma again in May of 2007, and these are the resulting photos.  Just some random ones.  Hope you like them, y'all!


US 69 Southbound just south of Big Cabin. Now we're in Chouteau on US 69 SB.
At US 412 in Chouteau Jump ahead and now we're heading north on US 69 just north of the Wainwright exit.  Ten miles to Muskogee.
At the north end of the US 69 freeway, which runs from McAlester to Muskogee with a 70 m.p.h. limit. Speed reduces and the city of Muskogee lies a few miles north of this curve.
Turn right onto old US 69 and go to Summit. Now on the Muskogee Turnpike WB.  I warned you these pictures were random.
Approaching OK 51. Good for Oklahoma in having Open Road Tolling on (some of) its toll plazas.
See the plaza?  See it? Well now you see it!
We leave the Muskogee Tpk. here in favor of the Creek Tpk., which has just recently been completed as a bypass of Tulsa. Upcoming exits on the Creek Tpk.
This is what the Creek Tpk. looks like. Ooh!  Fast speed limits here in Oklahoma.  You can only go 75 if you travel the turnpikes in Oklahoma.
New ORT toll plazas. Here comes I-44!  Oh, and US 412.
No thanks on Tulsa.  I-44 EB joins the Creek Tpk. for a mile before it turns into the Will Rogers Tpk. This curve is where the Creek Tpk. becomes the Will Rogers Tpk.  I-44 EB.
Taken from my side-view mirror.  The barriers are where the old alignment of the Will Rogers Tpk. went before construction of the Creek Tpk. East I-44 shield.
Just an eastbound scene. Directions for toll payment.
Just another eastbound scene. Alright.  Finally we exit at OK 20 at Claremore.

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