Summer of 2004 I think


This is the exit to US 69 from the Muskogee Turnpike EB.  The turnpike comes in from Tulsa and then bypasses the city of Muskogee to the east after about 30 miles.  Okay, I lied: this and the following two pictures are in Wagoner County. North of Muskogee still, on US 69 South.  Route 69 is a very truck-heavy expressway (with a speed limit of 65 mph) from I-44 in Big Cabin all the way to the Texas line.
Just south of the turnpike, OK 51B ends at US 69.  OK 51B parallels the turnpike as it goes past Porter and on to Coweta and catches up with regular ole OK 51 there.  Now we're in Muskogee, in the northern reaches, where we pick up US 62 and OK 16.
Here in the center of the commercial strip of US 69 SB, we pick up US 64 from the west and business US 64 heads to the east into downtown on Okmulgee Ave.  The JCT shield only mentions Bus. US 64, however. Here is the intersection of US 62, US 64, US 69, and OK 16 at the corner of Okmulgee Ave. and 32nd Street (US 69 mainline through the city).
This is the NB US 69 view of the same intersection.  I was going to just leave this one out, but then I noticed the gas station.  Look at those gorgeous prices!!  Sigh... This is the intersection of Bus. US 62 and Bus. 64 in downtown Muskogee.  Bus. 62 heads north and Bus. 64 heads south from here.
This is mostly what downtown Muskogee looks like from Okmulgee Ave. (Bus. 62 an Bus. 64).  The small stoplights shown here are difficult to see, especially when they are placed every other block. US 62 WB (Shawnee Bypass) as it nears OK 16 (York St).  Shawnee Bypass bypasses the city to the north on a 4-lane divided highway with a 45 mph speed limit.  Much commercial activity has sprung up here. 
North OK 16 shield at the intersection with US 62.  This road is called York Street south of Shawnee.  East OK 16 and US 62 shields on Shawnee Bypass.  Wonder why they put OK 16 first?
This is Bus. US 62's north end-- its south/west end is at the intersection you saw above with US 69.  Bus. 62 is Main Street. OK 165 shields.  OK 165 is the number applied to the free portion of the Muskogee Turnpike as it bypasses the city of Muskogee.  OK 165 also has a leg that bypasses the city to the south that hooks up with US 64/US 69.
From OK 165/Muskogee Tpk. NB, a US 62 BGS.  This interchange is a cloverleaf.  For reference, this is the same US 62 as Shawnee Bypass. OK 165 NB only lasts another mile or so, but it is still signed from US 62.  The tolled highway resumes after the next exit at Port of Muskogee.
This is where US 64 EB exits its multiplex with US 69 SB.  The road, which hooks up to OK 165, is known locally as Peak Blvd.  This is the southern end of the bypass which goes up to the Muskogee Turnpike shown in the pictures above. US 64 EB (Peak Blvd.) about a mile past US 69, where Bus. US 64 comes in from the city of Muskogee.  US 64 turns southward towards Warner at this point, and straight ahead is OK 165.
OK 165 begins here.  The only stoplight on the road is right ahead at Cherokee Drive.  OK 165 turns northward onto the Muskogee Tpk. here.  OK 165 used to be 65 mph, but was deemed too dangerous for that speed, and was recently lowered to 55 mph. 
The only BGS that I know of that uses the Peak Blvd. designation.  Notice that it puts emphasis on US 64 and US 69.  This is from OK 165/Muskogee Tpk. southbound. The split between the Muskogee Turnpike and OK 165.  The turnpike heads to I-40 near Webber's Falls.

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