Rural Muskogee and McIntosh Counties

Taken July 2002


Muskogee County:

This is the exit that I know the best: Wainwright Rd. and US 69.  Exiting here will take you 7 miles through the countryside to the town of Wainwright, which is but a mile or so from my grandparents' house.  This is from the US 69 freeway SB south of Muskogee in Muskogee County. This is the Wainwright Rd. eastbound at US 69.  This sign shows how to get to Checotah (in McIntosh County).  My grandparents are behind us in this pic.
A relic of the past: the remnants of a JCT US 69 assembly on the Wainwright Rd. east of the US 69 freeway.  Route 69 used to be a 2-laner and Wainwright Rd. ended just ahead at the road.  Now it is just a non-maintained through road from Muskogee to Lake Eufaula. This is the old US 69, which is a pretty handy way to avoid truck traffic if you're driving a farm vehicle.  Not too much traffic here.
The Muskogee Turnpike ends in 5 miles!!  In southern Muskogee County. Interesting sign, would you agree?  This area of Oklahoma is more tree-y than other parts, as seen in the background.
US 64 intersects the Muskogee Tpk. in 1 mile.  Near Webber's Falls. This BGS for I-40 was taken from the offramp to US 64 from the turnpike in Webber's Falls.  The US 64 exit is just 3/4 mile from the end of the turnpike.
The end of the offramp from the turnpike.  Turn left for Webber's Falls, where there is a big grain elevator, and Gore.  I've been to the elevator many times with my granddad when he's dumping wheat or soybeans. US 64 hooks up with OK 100 in Webber's.  Turn left for the elevator and turn right for    I-40, which does not have a "To" banner over the shield.
OK 100 takes a side-seat to the "To I-40 shield."  Most Oklahoma interstate shields have the state name in them, including this one. Just a few miles west of Webber's, US 266 and the southern OK 2 end at US 64 in Warner.  These roads have seen a lot of construction as OKDOT widens US 64 from Muskogee to Warner (including US 266 from US 64 to I-40 in Warner, as US 64 doesn't intersect I-40 here).
North US 64 shield in Warner.  This is the same intersection as the previous picture, just a bit further north.  The road doesn't look like this anymore, it now new and black asphalt, 4-lanes, and an asphalt median. I don't know if this is US 64 or what, but somewhere in northwest Muskogee County, this road crosses the Ash Creek on a nice, old bridge.  This may be on the multiplex of US 64 and OK 72, but I dunno. 
This is the intersection of US 62, US 64, OK 16, and OK 72 due west of Muskogee about 15 miles.  This vantage point is from US 64/OK 72 southbound.  US 64 eastbound is about to turn toward Muskogee and we're about to pick up US 62 westbound.  OK 16 heads off to the west from here.  This is where US 62 connects with OK 72.  You can't see the road, but straight ahead is the Wainwright Rd., which leads to US 69.  Council Hill is to the left a few miles. 
US 72 in Oklahoma, eh?  Nope, just OK 72.  There is a ridiculous number of US 72 shields on OK 72, and I don't know why.  Signs in these parts are also popular for target practice.  Pic taken from US 62 EB, about 7 miles due west of Wainwright. US 266 comes through McIntosh County and back into Muskogee County to come to OK 72's southern terminus.  US 266 turns to the left toward Henryetta and OK 72 continues north to Council Hill.

McIntosh County:

At the only stoplight in Checotah, US 266 crosses the old alignment of US 69, now called Bus. US 69 through town.  Drivers in this town are some of the worst I've ever seen. Checotah has a nice little downtown, but it is dangerous with the intersection and the cars parked on both sides of the road.  US 266 is known as Gentry Ave, and Bus. 69 is Broadway.  I made my aunt scream like a banshee through this intersection a few years ago.

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