Trip to Enid


Enid is where other members of my family live.  We go there every now and then.  Here are pictures from one such trip, I am going to guess in the summer of 2002.


Westbound US 412, the Cimarron Turnpike, at US 64 near Morrison.  As you can see, the median of the Cimarron is raised slightly and close to the roadway. You need exact change for the US 64 exit.
West US 412.  I like the Oklahoma Turnpike system: 75 mph!!! A mileage sign on US 412 West.
Near US 177 now. The toll plazas on the Cimarron are built into the overpasses.  This is at US 177.
The last exit before the Cimarron ends is US 77. Coming up on I-35, the end of the turnpike.
Use the left lane to get to Enid. An unusual way of announcing the I-35 exits.
West US 64 and US 412 at I-35.  Enid is about 30 miles ahead. A look westward into Garfield County.  If you look closely, you can see a 70 mph sign in the background.  I think this is the only "expressway" in Oklahoma that is signed 70, the rest are 65.  Freeways are reserved for 70 mph, and the turnpikes are 75.  So little traffic, so quickly the time goes by.
On the outskirts of Enid now, US 64 turns northward. US 64 turns, while Bus. US 64 follows US 412 into town.
Some shields east of Enid still. The Chisolm Trail went right downtown Enid and Bus. US 64 follows it today.
JCT US 60 and US 81. US 60 and US 81 are getting closer...
West US 60 follows US 412 for a while westward. North on US 81, which is also US 60 East.
West on Business US 64 in Enid. Eastbound on US 64 and US 412 heading out of town.

That's all for Enid!

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