Eldora Trip

Gentlemen, start your engines!


Here are pics of the race itself.  Go Kenny Schrader!  Also participating were Kenny Wallace, Dave Blaney, Kevin Harvick, a few other NASCAR guys, and of course, Tony Stewart, who owns Eldora.


The first batch comes around turn 3. Number 11 is, I think, Dave Blaney.
The dirt wasted no time in getting into my eyes. Ooh!  There he is!  Go Ken Schrader!
There's Kenny Wallace! Tony Stewart kept his #20.
Matt Kenseth is coming up on somebody here. This could be Mike Wallace.
An old school dude named Red Farmer here. Can't you tell that's Kenny Wallace?
Yay for Schrader!! Night racing is so much more exciting.
Dave Blaney on the left and Bill Elliott on the right. The pace truck is ready to exit the track.
Boogity boogity boogity!  Let's go racing! Go Kenny Schrader!
Can't tell who these are. Kenny Wallace just before he wins the race. 

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