Day Two

New York City


A pretty old building across from the WTC site. This old church sure has seen a lot in its day.
Some random people in Grand Central Station's downstairs food market.  It's a really neat place down there, with all sorts of market foods and little tourist restaurants. Grand Central's main floor.
Three windows. A large flag hangs down from the green ceiling. 
There are even chandeliers in Grand Central. The Chrysler Building, as seen from just outside Grand Central Station.
The Subway stop at Grand Central. A look at Park Ave. towards the north.
Park Ave. to the south. Some rich people were renovating the inside of their apartment on 77th and Park.
I forget which street this is, but it is up by the Met somewhere. Central Park, as seen from 5th Ave. near the Met.
Walking along the sidewalk northbound on 5th Ave. See?
This is interesting, not only because it is a ridiculously rich-looking building, but because it has crosses on the roof.  Does that mean it is a churchy building?  Because it just looks like a rich apartment.  There's a sign there, but I didn't read it.  Hey, I was all the way on the other side of the road! The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
NYC DOT gives "best crosstown route" signs like the green and purple one seen here. This road cuts straight through Central Park.
The Met was undergoing a rehab project, so it looked rather bulky on the outside.  Not to mention ugly. My first unsuccessful attempt at capturing some skyline with Central Park in the foreground.  Stinkin' camera.
Even if blurry, the lights are still pretty. I learned that you can have fun with lights.
The Plaza Hotel. Skaters at Rockefeller Center at night.
Let's go see Conan!! Or the Rockettes.

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